Neel Hammond, M.D., J.D.

Steve Harman has been a great asset to my practice in three main ways. First, Steve is able to work with medical issues as well as any attorney I have worked with. He is able to understand anatomic, physiologic, and procedural intricacies in a way that enables him to explain them to lay jurors.

Steve and I have co-counseled several claims. Steve is easy to work with and patient with his co-workers. His ability to work as a team member is accepted by me and other attorneys throughout the state.

Finally, Steve has a broad knowledge of the rules and common law of Montana. His years of experience as a med-mal defense attorney give him a unique knowledge of how defense counsel are apt to evaluate their case. In Working with Steve, I have never seen a litigation dilemma which Steve was incapable of weighing in on. His advice and critiques in such instances have been invaluable and usually correct, always well-considered and helpful.

Neel Hammond, M.D., J.D.Missoula, MT

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