For Attorneys

Steve Harman has often been invited to associate in cases with other Montana attorneys. Steve has developed strong associations with experts in nearly all medical specialties as well as other fields such as accident reconstruction, vocational rehabilitation, accounting, life care planning, and economic analysis of lost earnings and medical expenses.


+When do I need an associate?

Steve has tried cases with and against some of the best trial lawyers in the state. Many lawyers refer medical malpractice cases to Steve either because they have little or no experience in such cases or they want to associate on the case to draw on his experience.

+Cost Sharing ( How much will it cost? )
Top personal injury lawyers have associated with Steve to prosecute medical negligence lawsuits. Fee and arrangements are routinely made. Steve has access to noted medical experts in most areas of medical practice who can provide an unbiased evaluation of the case.

Steve Harman has been a great asset to my practice in three main ways. First, Steve is able to work with medical issues as well as any attorney I have worked with. He is able to understand anatomic, physiologic, and procedural intricacies in a way that enables him to explain them to lay jurors.

Steve and I have co-counseled several claims. Steve is easy to work with and patient with his co-workers. His ability to work as a team member is accepted by me and other attorneys throughout the state.

Finally, Steve has a broad knowledge of the rules and common law of Montana. His years of experience as a med-mal defense attorney give him a unique knowledge of how defense counsel are apt to evaluate their case. In Working with Steve, I have never seen a litigation dilemma which Steve was incapable of weighing in on. His advice and critiques in such instances have been invaluable and usually correct, always well-considered and helpful.

Neel Hammond, M.D., J.D.Missoula, MT